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Fot. Lilas Artium.

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Helena Gołąb– dancer and choreographer, currently she leaves in Bilbao (Spain). She graduated in dance from the State Post-Secondary Studio for Culture Promoters and Librarians in Opole. Then she graduated in dance studies at SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam, getting a degree in choreography (2002). As part of training at SNDO she received a scholarship to continue her dance research in Venezuela (Instituto Universitario de Danza) and at Dance Space Centre and Movement Research in New York (release technique/improvisation classes and yoga). As part of this scholarship she co-operated and performed with group Neodanza in Caracas. In November 2033 she won the 2nd Dance Marathon in San Sebastian (Spain). One year later she won a Kultural Kontakt scholarship in Austria: she was an “Artist in Residence” at TanQuartier in Vienna. There she met a visual artist Johannes Lernpeiss for the first time. As a choreographer she was also invited to Choreographic Centre in Linz where she created Strange kind. In the same year she took part in a project Nova Polskain France. Then she went to India to study yoga.

After coming back from Asia, she took part in many dance projects in Poland and in Europe, including interdisciplinary laboratory for choreographers Move the mountin Jagniątków; ExilesFestival for Invention and Choreography (Bremen, Germany);Veronika Blumstein – Moving Heads(opening of a choreographic centre [K3] in Hamburg) – she co-operated there with such artists as Antje Pfundtner and Janez Janša. Since 2002 she has worked with Natalia Monge and a group Organik while still working as an independent dancer and choreographer.

As an artist she combines elements of performance, theatre and dance, play and everyday behaviour. Her individual choreographies: Music Box (1996),Line(1999),Stereotype (not)(2000, Amsterdam, Venesuela, San Sebastian),The right bell(2001-04),Neutron 918s(2001),Tellagorri(with Natalia Monge, 2001), Radio East(2002-04),Debut(2004),P.reform-Ver.on.ika(with Antje Pfundtner, Bremen 2006),not so solo(with a video artist Johannes Lerpeiss).

As a teacher she gives many classes and run many workshops at universities, festivals and choreographic centres throughout Spain, Europe and South America. At present she lives in Spain where she continues her work as an independent dance artist.

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Fot. Lilas Artium.
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