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Zdjęcie: India Czajkowska

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India Czajkowska– singer, composer and pianist working with improvisers from Warsaw. She has composed for chamber groups and explored, using electronics and sonoristics, unconventional ways of working with voice. She has also composed film and theatre soundtracks. She moderated a series of improvised concerts “Constellations” (Jazzgot, PKiN). She has also co-created multimedia projects combining dance, film and physical theatre.

She released a solo album Cosmospir (Hic Sunt Leones , Milan 2008). Currently, she gives concerts with Tiro Mermago (Obuh Records, 2010), Tańce snu (with Sebastianem Madejskim) and others. She co-operated with such artists as: Parallel Worlds (Circo Divino), Ensemble Elektra (The Book of Time), Drum Freaks, Black Glass (Holy Rain), Tadeusz Sudnik.

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