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Janina Niesobska

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Dancer, choreographer. She graduated from the Ballet School in Bytom. Throughout her career she danced on the Łódź ballet stage. In 1958–1982 she was one of the leading soloists there. She was particularly recognized for acting and character roles. Her parts include: Zarema in The Fountain of Bakhchisarai, Diablica and Krasawica in Pan Twardowski, Bride in Harnasie, Black Queen in Checkmate, Partisan in famous Polish production of Kurt Jooss’ Green Table, Mesager in Monteverdi’s Orpheaus in famous production by Erich Walter. She started work as a choreographer early, initially mainly for TV and film. In the 70’s she gained popularity for her TV choreographic peformances “Dobry wieczór, tu Łódź” (Polish nationwide channel). She collaborated, as a choreographer, with drama and opera theatres in Bytom, Cracow, Łódź and Warsaw. She also founded and headed the first Polish contemporary and light ballet group “Le Soleil”. Her most important individual production was Pan Twardowski in the Grand Theatre in Łódź. There she was also recognized for her other opera productions: Gonoud’s Faust and Penderecki’s King Ubu. The latter one was produced in collaboration with the director Lech Majewski. She is a lecturer in the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School (PWSFTT) in Łódź. She was granted numerous national, regional and professional awards.

Janina Niesobska





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