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Zdjęcie: Katarzyna Kulmińska

Photo: Karolina Gorzelańczyk

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Katarzyna Kulmińska dancer. She graduated from the Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska Ballet School in Poznań. As a student of the Ballet School, she did her artistic internship at the Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań, featuring in such performances as Giselle, Sweet Peas and Roses, Swan Lake, The Count of Monte Cristo and Don Quixote. She participated twice in the National Wojciech Wiesiołłowskis Dance Competition in Gdańsk. She performed in the contemporary version of The Nutcracker choreographed by Ken Ludden (Margot Fonteyns student) in New York.


In 2008 she began her cooperation with the Polish Dance Theatre and continues working there up until today. As a member of the Polish Dance Theatre company, she had a chance to work with a number of world-renown choreographers. She featured in the following performances: Minus 2 (chor. Ohad Naharin), Alexanderplatz and Desert (chor. Paulina Wycichowska), Carpe Diem, Spring-Effatha, Encounters in two unfulfilled acts and Lamentation (chor. Ewa Wycichowska), Summer Red Sun (chor. Thierry Verger), Wo-man in Tomatoes (chor. Yossi Berg), The Outline and Double Trouble (chor. Karolina Wyrwał), Maathai (chor. Niels Claes), Hello, Stranger! and Hello, My Friend! (chor. Paweł Malicki), Forty (chor. Jo Strmgren), Harvest and Polka (chor. Iwona Pasińska, dir. Igor Gorzkowski), The Wedding. After-party (reż. Marcin Liber, choreographic assistance  Iwona Pasińska), Let the Living Bury the Dead (chor. Aleksandra Dziurosz, dir. Tomasz Szczepanek), Solidaritot (chor. Yoshiko Waki), 45 (chor. Jacek Przybyłowicz), Fabula rasa (chor. Maciej Kuźmiński), Pojzon (chor. Marta Ziółek).


In 2015, within the framework of the Atelier of the Polish Dance Theatre, she created her first authorial performance eXordial. In the creation process, she was responsible not only for the choreography and dance but also for the set and costume design.


She participated in the innovative project Lightskin (concept: Patryk Lichota), a combination of a site-scpecific installation, performance, dance theatre and electronic music concert. W 2019 roku wzięła udział w projekcie Laserspace na Festiwalu Światła Valašsko w Czechach. Visualisations featuring Kulmińska have been presented at such festivals as Audioriver, Kazantip 2012 and Polish Radio 4s Czwórka na Wizji. In 2016, she collaborated with Jan Komasa and Mikołaj Mikołajczyk in Xenophony: A Symphony for the Other, presented at the Malta Festival in Poznań.


Since 2017 she is a co-creator of the informal artistic collective Hashimotowiksa, with which she realised two performances: Uran Uran (dir. Wojciech Kucharczyk) presented at the Tauron New Music Festival in Katowice in 2018 and Afterhuman Afterparty presented at the Audioriver Festival in Płock in 2019. In 2020, Hashimotowiksa artists began their cooperation with Aleksander Fredro Theatre in Gnieźno, where they created choreography for the theatre performance entitled A Short Conversation With Death (dir. Marcin Libera).




„eXordial”. Fot. Maciej Zakrzewski
„Uran Uran”. Fot. Maciej Zakrzewski
„Wesele. Poprawiny”. Fot. Maciej Zakrzewski
„Solidaritot”. Fot. Maciej Zakrzewski
„Uran Uran”. Fot. Maciej Zakrzewski
Kadr z filmu „Inicjacja” Iwony Pasińskiej
„Pojzon”. Fot. Karolina Sobel
Fot. Piotr Krupa
Fot. Piotr Krupa





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