Zdjęcie: Hashimotowiksa

Hashimotowiksa in “eXordial” (2015). Photo: Maciej Zakrzewski

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Hashimotowiksa a duo created by performance artists and choreographers Katarzyna Kulmińska and Paulina Jaksim, who share a joint passion and interest for dance, techno and club culture. The Polish name of the duo is a combination of the autoimmune disorder Hashimotos disease that both artists suffer from, and the word wiksa (spelled also as vixa), which refers to a type of club party.

Hashimotowiksa was founded in 2015 in Poznań. Both artists are professional dancers associated with the Polish Dance Theatre. They also use their performative experience in various theatre productions as performers and choreographers. In 20202021, Hashimotowiksa artists were responsible for directing stage movement for three performances directed by Marcin Liber for drama theatre: A Short Conversation with Death in Aleksander Fredro Theatre in Gniezno (premiered 2020), King of Monsters in Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin (premiered 2020). In 2021, Slaughterhouse No. 5 in Contemporary Theatre in Wrocław (premiere planned for 2021).

Hashimotowiksa artists stage their productions also at music festivals. In 2018, in collaboration with Wojciech Kucharczyk, they choreographed and also featured in the vast production entitled Uran-Uran that premiered at the Tauron New Music Festival. In 2019, they presented the post-apocalyptic Afterhuman Afterparty at the electronic music festival Audioriver.

Both Paulina and Kasia suffer from Hashimotos disease an increasingly common  civilisation disease associated with hypothyroidism. Hashimotowiksa artists send a clear message that despite this chronic disease one can live an active, creative and very social life. Paulina and Kasia also very strongly promote the pro-ecological approach, including being active vegetarians.

In private, they share their energy during club events, going wild on the dance floor together with the audience or performing on stage, accompanying DJ sets with their choreography. Each of their performances is an extraordinary experience for the audience, combining visual elements (movement, light, costume, stage design) with music often very hard, industrial techno. Kasia and Paulina are eager to collaborate with their favourite representatives of the electronic scene they are closely linked to the Poznań-based techno club Tama, where they had the opportunity to lead movement workshops entitled Body, Techno, Imagination. They also co-operated with the Short Waves Festival (performance at the festival gala) and co-created the opening ceremony for the Baltic office in Poznań.

More information: @hashimotowiksa, oraz na profilach założycielek @technoprincess i @technoqueen_qt

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