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Zdjęcie: Levente Bálint

Photo: Sebastian Ćwikła.

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Levente Bálint dancer. In 2003, he started his education in Hungarian Dance Academy. Before graduating, he took part in summer dance courses in Alicia Alonso Institute of Dance, Spain and International Dance Seminar, Austria. After finishing the studies in 2011, he received a diploma of a classical dancer. In the same year, he started his carrier of a contemporary dancer in Budapest Dance Theatre, where he worked for four years and cooperated with numerous choreographers on the occasion of many different performances (e.g. All mixed up by Joseph Tmim, Mur mur the la mediterané, Bolero and The Rite of Spring by Raza Hammadi, Gisl-2 by Amia Kolben, Chocolate, The Time and Bocs by Béla Földi, Sec and Firebird by Lóránd Zachár, Matisse by Rober North, Boundless by Peter Juhasz, Flabbergast by Gustav Ramírez Sansano). Independent of his work in Budapest Dance Theatre, he has cooperated many times with Willany Leo Improvisation Dance Theatre.


Since September 2015, he has been a dancer of the Baltic Dance Theater. He performs in Izadora Weisss Death and Maiden, Body Master and Phaedra.





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