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Zdjęcie: Magdalena Zamorska

Photo: Agnieszka Jeż.

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Magdalena Zamorska is a dance researcher and theorist. She holds a Ph.D. in cultural studies and is currently an assistant professor at the Institute of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław, and a member the Laboratory of Contemporary Human Sciences at the University of Wrocław. She is the author of the book Obecni ciałem. Warsztat polskich tancerzy but [Present with the body: techniques of Polish butoh dancers (Wydawnictwo Libron, Kraków/Instytut Muzyki i Tańca, 2014).


Dr. Zamorska is interested in creative strategies in performative arts, in particularly with reference to the practices of new choreography, as well as the notions of experience, perception, and reception of performance. She has developed several original research projects on dance and choreography (Multimedialność: strategie wykorzystywania nowych mediów (elektronicznych, cyfrowych) w polskim nowym tańcu [Multimediality: strategies for using the new media (electronic, digital) in Polish new dance]; Polski taniec współczesny jako laboratorium nowych praktyk (techno)kulturowych [Polish Contemporary dance as a laboratory of new (techno)cultural practices]; Choreografowanie relacji. Obiekty i organizmy w performansach choreograficznych najmłodszej generacji polskich artystów sztuki tańca [Choreographers of relation. Objects and organisms in the choreographic performances of the youngest generation of Polish dance artists]). She is a member of the research project on organisms and machines in culture, conducted by the om Foundation (Neurofizjologia artysty w performance. e.1/2015-2017 [Neurophysiology of the Artist in Performance. e.1/2015-2017]).


Dr. Zamorska blogs on contemporary choreography (

Her publications (books, articles, critical reviews) can

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