People of dance

Zdjęcie: Małgorzata  Komorowska

Fot. Juliusz Multarzyński.

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Małgorzata Komorowska – she graduated in Polish studies at the University of Warsaw (1962) and in musical education at the State Music School (1964 – currently the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music); PhD in dance history (Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences).

Since 1971 she has written reviews and articles about ballet performances and dance artists for “Teatr” Magazine and “Taniec” (both editions in Poznań and Warsaw).

Ballet issues and documentation of facts about ballet in Poland get a lot of space in her books: “Szymanowski in theatre” (Szymanowski w teatrze,Warsaw 1992), “Chronicle of musical theatres in the Polish People’s Republic July 1994 – June 1989” (Kronika teatrów muzycznych PRL, lipiec 1944 – czerwiec 1989, Poznań 2003), “Behind the curtain of years. Polish Opera and Operetta Theatre 1918–1939” (Za kurtyną lat. Polskie teatry operowe i operetkowe 1918–1939, Kraków 2008).

In 2002 she won the scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Art; she carried out research on Polish ballet of the 20th Century and gathered material for a planned book “Between score and stage. Polish Ballet in the 20th Century (Między partyturą a sceną. Polski balet w XX wieku).

Fot. Juliusz Multarzyński.
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