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Zdjęcie: Marta Kulikowska de Nałęcz

Marta Kulikowska de Nałęcz

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Marta Kulikowska de Nałęcz

dancer | choreographer

Soloist in the Wrocław Opera’s ballet. After graduating from the State Ballet School in Poznań, she joined the Wrocław Opera and in 2011 she became a soloist. She also graduated in ballet pedagogy from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. In 2002 she won a scholarship from the Wrocław Local Government in the category of culture and art for young talented residents of Wrocław. A year later, she was rewarded by the Ministry of Culture for promoting dance art. She created her ballet recital as part of the series “Young talents of the Lower Silesian Opera” and received Złota Igilica award in the popularity contest ran by “Słowo Polskie” and the Wroclaw Society of Friends of Theatre for the best dancer of Lower Silesia. In Wrocław, she performed, among others, in title parts of Cinderella and Snow White; she danced solo parts in: The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, Paquita, Romeo and Juliet, Pan Twardowski, Puss in Boots, Bal Życia, Satan’s Tricks aka Devil’s Frolics, The Manuscript Found in Saragossa, Tangos, Synapsis, Boléro, Mess, Om. She made a guest appearance in Experimental Theatre of Het Klein (Eindhoven – the Netherlands) and City Ballet (Odense – Denmark). In 2009 she won the Jan Kiepura Musical Theatre Award for the best dancer, in 2010 she was awarded a Bronze Medal for Merit to Culture “Gloria Artis”. For several seasons she collaborated, as a teacher and choreographer, with Centre for Art Initiatives “Światowid” and Student Sport Club “Kopernik” in Wrocław. She has lectured at the State School of Drama (PWST) in Wrocław, she has run dance workshops. For several years, she has successfully worked as choreographer.

Marta Kulikowska de Nałęcz





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