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Michał Łabuś a dancer and choreographer. His interest in dance dates back to the time he was seven; from that moment he explored dance on his own. He honed his skills taking part in courses and competitions in Poland and abroad. He took part in numerous tournaments in Poland and abroad and won many prizes, e.g. he was Polish Champion in hip-hop dance (twice) and   World Vice-Champion in hip-hop dance.


He studied various dance techniques and styles: contemporary dance, jazz, classical dance, salsa and hip-hop. At the age of 17 he stopped participating in competitions and   focused on work in musical theatres. In 20032007 he danced in Capitol Musical Theatre in Wrocław where he performed in musicals and dance performances: West Side Story, Swing-Duke Ellington Show, Eurasia, Fever, Tangerines and Oranges. He passed a professional exam of Polish Stage   Artists Association and received a certificate of professional dancer.


Between January 2008 and 2014, he Dance for the Baltic opera, later the Baltic Dance Theatre. He performed the leading roles: Romeo in Izadora Weisss Romeo and Juliet, Boy in Tango live (at Mens dance evening event) as well as Izadora Weiss ballets Eurasia and 4&4, Jacek Przybyłowiczs A few short sequences (Mens dance) and   Emil Wesołowskis Chopinart. Currently he plays leading roles in Izadora Weiss OUT, The Rite of Spring, Waiting   for, Eugenio Sciglianos Cinderella   as well as Izadora Weiss and Jiří Kyliáns Windows / No More Play / Six Dances.


Moreover, in the Baltic Opera he played Johann in Salome directed by Marek Weiss. In 2011 he took part in individual projects Entangled and You are my sister as a dancer and choreographer. A winner of the Prize of Mayor of Gdańsk for Young Artists in the field of Culture (2010), winner of the Gazeta Wyborcza -Trójmiasto and   popularity contest.

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