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Zdjęcie: Natalia Madejczyk

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Natalia Madejczyk a dancer in the Baltic Dance theatre. She started her artistic education with rhythmic gymnastics. Later she developed her dancing skills in the worlds best dance schools, i.e. Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Joell Hall Dance Center in Chicago, Pineapple Dance Studio in London, Broadway Dance Center in New York. In 2011 she obtained a certificate of professional dancer from the Polish Stage Artists Association (ZASP). She was the leading dancer and choreographer of V6 Theatre in Łódź. The winner of the Selections The Carefree Dance Academy dance competition, shown on VIVA POLSKA, created and produced by Jay Windsor Robinson. A participant and choreographer of the TV show You Can Dance Po Prostu Tańcz produced by TVN. From2011 to 2014, a dancer of the Baltic Dance Theatre. She played in Romeo and Juliet, Eurasia, The Rite of Spring, Waiting for…, Windows by Izadora Weiss as well as in Dream by Wojciech Misiuro and Cinderella by Eugenio Scigliano.

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