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Zdjęcie: Olga Gawlik

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O;ga Gawlik – she graduated from dance schools in Poland (Culture Promoter and Librarian Studio SKIBA), Denmark (Popular University Vestjyllands) and Israel (Adama Dance School). She hones her skills and broadens her knowledge by participating in many contact improvisation, improvisation and contemporary dance workshops. In her thesis, she explored the possible ways of introducing the elements of ritual dance in choreotherapy. She gives classes to various groups, mixing elements of ethnic dances, consciousness of body, improvisation, contact improvisation and choreography/compositions methods. She performed in Israel in contemporary dance choreographies and she presented her solo dance project. “In my work, I look for a simple, optimal motion in harmony with natural laws. I’m fascinated by discovering and developing an individual movement of every person. Contact with my own body is fundamental for conscious movement and dance; it is also the opportunity for me to understand myself and the most valuable signpost in life.”

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