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Zdjęcie: Paweł Łyskawa

Photo: Dominik Więcek.

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Paweł Łyskawa  is a dancer and leader of the Krakow Dance Theatre; he graduated from the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków Dance Theatre Department in Bytom, and holds a degree in cultural studies awarded by the Jagiellonian University. 


He has collaborated with a number of pedagogues and choreographers, including Idan Cohen (Swan lake, Nesting), Ole Meland, dancer of the Norwegian company Carte Blanche (with whom he worked on a project realised as part of the International Festival of Form Theatre Materia Prima in Cracow and Bergen, Jan Peszek and Capella Cracoviensis (The Marriage of Figaro, as Cherubino), Henrik Kaalund (project implemented as part of Dancing Poznań), Jerzy Stuhr (They Shoot Horses, Dont They, as James), Waldemar Raźniak, Jacek Łumiński, Anna Konjetzky (Lighting). For the past ten years, he has regularly collaborated with Eryk Makohon, with whom he has produced a range of project within the frame of the Krakow Dance Theatre (their recent projects include Quadriga for THREE, Poliamoria, Estra & Andro, Glamour), which he currently contributes as its organisational and project manager.


He assisted prof. Piotr Cieślak in Portret wielokrotny [Multiple portrait] produced with the students of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków Dance Theatre Department in Bytom. As the man behind the educational division of the Krakow Dance Theatre, he teaches contemporary dance and expression in the Adepts groups affiliated with the company. He is also the founder and director of the New Format theatre, with whom he has produced stage and out-of-stage artistic projects (including Ja nie znaju szto diełat based on Ivan Viripaevs Delhi Dance, and the recent Ćwiczenia ze scen [Exercises in staging]). As a pedagogue he is also involved with the KTO Theatre. In his work he is primarily interested in the creative combinations between dance and theatre, and their intersection is where he mostly operates.


Paweł Łyskawa is the author of numerous local, national and international dance events, including the 3 2 1 DANCE! Choreographic Competition, whose first five editions he initiated and supervised (the implementation of the idea is currently overseen by the Krakow Choreographic Centre. He is also the originator of the Ani słowa! Odbiór niewerbalnych wytworów kultury [Not a Word! The Reception of Non-Verbal Cultural Products], an educational project featuring over 600 high schools students from the Małopolska region, implemented in collaboration with the National Centre for Culture. He is the author of the knowledge of culture curriculum including dance history, implemented at the Albert-Adam Chmielowski High School in Cracow. As part of his collaboration with the Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations at the Jagiellonian University, he held a lecture Słowo, obraz, gest. [Word, image, gesture]. Together with Anna Królica and Eryk Makohon, he is th curator of the project Goodbye Superman! Mężczyzna w polskiej choreografii [Goodbye Superman! The Man in Polish Choreography] implemented at the nowa Huta Centre for Culture Krakow Choreoraphic Centre, in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance (as part of the  Stage for Dance 2015 programme).


He is the recipient of the Institute of Music and Dances scholarship for the support of international projects (2014) (participation in the GaGa classes at the Suzanne Dellal Centre, the International Exposure in Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem International Dance Week in Jerusalem).


Paweł Łyskawa was the Polish coordinator of the V4 Young Dance Talents project organised by the Central Europe Dance Theatre as part of a Visegrad Fund Small Grant.


Read an interview with Paweł Łyskawa and Eryk Makohon, published on the website of Wiktoria Dalach and Anna Bywanis-Kwiecieńs Regarding the Artrist project.

Na pierwszym planie Paweł Łyskawa w spektaklu Krakowskiego Teatru Tańca „Glamour” w chor. Eryka Makohona. Fot. Marta Ankiersztejn.
Warsztaty. Fot. z archiwum artysty.
Fot. Andrzej Janikowski.
Paweł Łyskawa w spektaklu Krakowskiego Teatru Tańca „Nesting” w chor. Idana Cohena. Fot. Katarzyna Machniewicz.
Fot. Bartek Cieniawa.
Fot. Wiktoria Dalach.
Fot. Dominik Więcek.





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