Krakow Choreographic Centre Nowa Huta Cultural Centre

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Krakow Choreographic Centre – Nowa Huta Cultural Centre

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Established as a showcase for contemporary dance, the Krakow Choreographic Centre [Krakowskie Centrum Choreograficzne] operates as part of the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre [Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury], a Cracow-based cultural institution. The Krakow Choreographic Centre creates a space-time for a comprehensive corporeal and movement experience, featured in regular and multidimensional activities. The centre organizes festivals and competitions, and hosts original and guest performances, along with residences, workshops, regular dance classes, and a plethora of meetings. It also supports artists and educates dancers, expanding the reach of contemporary dance presentations and collaborating with other dance institutions in Poland and abroad.

Since its foundation in 2014, the Krakow Choreographic Centre has held such events as the 3…2…1…DANCE! Choreographic competition, SPACER Contemporary Dance FEstival, BalletOFFFestival, KCC Dance Intensive (FIZYCZNYzGAGAcamp),and the Krakow Dance Festival. The centre is also committed to wide-ranging projects implemented by the Polish Dance Network and the International Contemporary Dance Collective (iCoDaCo).



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