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Zdjęcie: Paweł Malicki

Photo: Andrzej Grabowski

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Paweł Malicki is a dancer, choreographer, pedagogue at the Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska Ballet School and the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań, where he teaches dance in physical culture). He completed the State Post-Secondary School for Culture Promoters in Kalisz (in Contemporary Dance), where he also graduated in Preschool and Early School Teaching. In 2013, he obtained an MA in Choreography and Dance Theory from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

Malicki started his career at the Plus Contemporary Dance Studio in the Konin Culture Centre. In 20042006 he danced in Witold Jurewiczs ALTER Dance Theatre. He was a student of the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań from May 2006 to 2009, joining its ranks as dancer in 2009, after obtaining a diploma from the Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska Ballet School in Poznań.


He is currently a soloist of the Polish Dance Theatre, dancing in a range of performances, including Walk@ karnawału z postem (The B@ttle between Carnival and Lent), Carpe Diem, Wiosna Effatha (Spring Effatha), Spotkania w dwóch niespełnionych Aktach (Meetings in Two Unfulfilled Acts), Szkoda, że Cię tu nie ma (Wish You Were Here), Dobrze, że tu jesteś (Good You Are Here), Już się zmierzcha (Its Already Dusk), LAMENT. Pamięci Tadeusza Różewicza (LAMENT. Tadeusz Różewicz in memoriam), all choreographed by Ewa Wycichowska; Minus 2, choreographed by Ohad Naharin; Alexanderplatz, Desert and Architektura światła (Architecture of Light), choreographed by Paulina Wycichowska; Wo-man w pomidorach (Wo-man in Tomatoes), choreographed by Yossi Berg; Lato Red Sun (Summer Red Sun), choreographed by Thierry Verger; Trzy siostry wyobrażenie (Three Sisters Imagination), Volta, choreographed by Andrzej Adamczak; Jewrope, choreographed by Yoshiko Waki; Tysiąc kolorów (A Thousand Colours), choreographed by Takako Matsuda; Czterdzieści (Forty), choreographed by Jo Strmgren; and Percepcja (Perception), choreographed by Urszula Bernat-Jałocha.


Malicki keeps developing his choreographic skills at the Polish Dance Theatre Atelier. He is the co-author of choreography for Kilka kroków (d)o miłości (A Few Steps to/about Love), and the author of choreography for Mat, Secondhand, The Unknown Niewiadoma and a triptych consisting of Hello, Stranger!, Hello, My Friend! and Hello. And Goodbye. He runs workshops in many Polish cities (Konin, Zielona Góra, Piła). Since 2008, he has been a teacher of the Open Classes of Contemporary Dance and the International Workshops of Contemporary Dance in Poznań, and holds workshops in a number of Polish cities (Konin, Zielona Góra, Piła).


Malicki has won many prizes, including the individual award at the International Dance Presentations (Kalisz 2006), and the Best Duo Performance award at the International Competition Solo&Duo Festival (Budapest 2008) for his original choreography 46. For this work, he also received the first award in the Polish Televisions Creative Valley scholarship programme in 2009. The same year, he received an award in the Biały bez (White Lilac) audience voting contest for the most popular stage artist in Poznań.

In 2013 he received a scholarship from Young Poland, a Ministry of Culture and National Heritage programme for outstanding artists aged under 35. In 2015, he received the Medal of Young Art awarded by Głos Wielkopolski newspaper.


Apart from dancing, he also pursues visual arts (drawing and oil painting).






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