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Zdjęcie: Paweł Skalski

Paweł Skalski. Fot. z archiwum autora.

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Paweł Skalski – dancer and choreographer. A certified contemporary dance instructor. A graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. For 10 years he was a dancer of Song and Dance Ensemble of the University of Warsaw “Warszawianka” run by Jan Łosakiewicz. He won dozens of ballroom dance tournaments, in particular he was the Polish vice-champion for two years.

He participated in projects and coaching sessions for professional dance artists with outstanding artists from Europe and the USA (among others Michael Schumacher, Robert Hayden, Leah Stein, Witold Jurewicz, Leszek Bzdyl). As a dancer, he has collaborated, among others, with Stary (Old) Theatre in Cracow, Wojciech Bogusławski Theatre (Kalisz) and Capitol Musical Theatre in Wrocław. He participated in performances directed, among others, by Leszek Bzdyl, Wojciech Kościelniak and Piotr Cieplak as well as in the film Zuzanna directed by Dari Kopiec.

He a regular collaborator of two dance groups in Łódź: ALTER Dance Theatre of Witold Jurewicz and Pracownia Fizyczna of Jacek Owczarek.

A dancer and teacher of Argentine tango. The most important of all experiences which developed his passion for tango was a several months’ stay in Buenos Aires in 2007. There he had the opportunity to meet many styles of this genre and various approaches of tango artists. He studied, among others, at Tango Brujo and individually with such teachers as Andreas Facio, Marcelo Gutierrez and Silvana Nunez. The author of stage movement in Eva Peron in Wybrzeże (Coast) Thetare in Gdańsk (2010) and Tango by Mrożek in Współczesny (Contemporary) Theatre in Szczecin (2010). He directed his own performance Aqui y Ahora in collaboration with Nowy (New) Theatre in Łódź, inspired by Argentine tango.

He is a lecturer at the Performing Arts School (PPSKAK) (contemporary dance programme) in Kalisz and at the Academy of Music in Łódź (Department of Choreography and Dance Techniques).

He created original workshops and classes of Argentine tango and contemporary dance which are mainly aimed to raise awareness of the body, create and develop contact between partners and search common sources of motion.

Paweł Skalski. Fot. z archiwum autora.





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