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Zdjęcie: Sergey Basalaev

Fot. Justyna Mielniczuk.

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Sergey Basalaev – first soloist of the Polish National Ballet. Born in Novosibirsk. In 1991 he graduated from the ballet school in Novosibirsk and became a soloist of the local Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre. In 1993 he moved to St. Petersburg, where he first joined the company of Dolgushin State Conservatory, and in 1995–1998 was a soloist of the Musorgsky Opera and Dance Theatre. In 1998–2001 he was a soloist of the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava. He spent the season 1999/2000 at Ballet Theatre in St. Petersburg. In 2001–2003 he was a soloist of the Estonian National Ballet in Tallin and from 2003/2004 he is a first soloist of the ballet in Warsaw. He is a winner of the Special Prize of the Diaghilev International Ballet Competition in Moscow (1991), Grand Prix in the Novosibirsk Ballet Competition (1992) and International Ballet Competition in Nagoya (Price for the best partner, 1995).

He played leading parts in the most important classical ballets: Prince Siegfried & Rotbart in Swan Lake, Drosselmeyer & the Prince in The Nutcracker, Prince Désiré & Fairy Carabosse in The Sleeping Beauty, James in La Syphide, Albert in Giselle, Licien d’Hervilly in Paquita, Basilio and Espada in Don Quixote, as well as Poet in La Syphide and High Bramin in Bayadere. He also danced many solo parts in contemporary ballets, including Romeo and Tybald in Bieriezov’s Romeo and Juliet, Count Artinov & Student in Vasiliev’s Anyuta, Krassus in Sabovcik and Wesolowski’s Spartacus, Escamillo in Baloghs and Ek’s Carmen, Wronski in Smalakis’ Anna Karenina and Karenin in Ratamanski’s Anna Karenina, Oniegin in Cranko’s Oniegin, Rivalen in Pastor’s Tristan and key roles in Ejfman’s ballets. Red Gisselle, Tchaikovsky, Russian Hamlet and Musagete. He partnered numerous Russian ballerinas including famous Ludmila Siemieniaka.





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