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Zdjęcie: Stanisław Miszczyk

Stanisław Miszczyk, fot. Edward Hartwig

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Stanisław Miszczyk – dancer, choreographer, ballet director. He was born on 25 April 1910 in Warsaw, he died on 2 July 1976 in Warsaw. He graduated from the Warsaw Ballet School; in 1927–1929 he was a dancer of the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw. Since April 1929 and in the season 1929/30 he was a ballet soloist in Polski (Polish) Theatre in Katowice, in the season 1930/1931 – in Miejski (City) Theatre in Lviv. Since 1932, he danced again in the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw, since 1934 became a soloist; among others he played Franz in Coppelia. In September 1934, he took part in the Slavic Dance Festival in Ljubljana. Since 1935 he collaborated with the group of Feliks Parnell, in 1936 he danced in the Dance Olympics in Berlin. In the season 1937/1938, he was a soloist, and in the season that follows, he was a first soloist of the Polish Representative Ballet with whom he danced, among others, in Paris, Cannes, Nice, Marseille, Lyon and at the World’s Fair in New York.

During the Second World War he performed in official Warsaw theatres, he was the ballet director of City of Warsaw Theatre. After the war, he worked as a choreographer and ballet director of the Poznań Opera and Katowice Opera; he organized ballet studios in both theatres. In the seasons 1949/1950 – 1951/1952 and since 1955 till the end of the season 1958/1959 he was the ballet director of the Warsaw Opera. He worked as a choreographer and temporary ballet director of the Warsaw Operetta, Wrocław Opera, Poznań Opera, Szczecin Operetta, Objazdowa (Mobile) Opera and Łódź Operetta. In the season 1968/1969 he returned to the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw as the ballet director where he finished his career.

Most important choreographies:

Swan Lake (1953, 1956, 1961), Coppelia (1963, 1964). Pan Twardowski (1948, 1951, 1957, 1962, 1965), Swantewit by Piotr Perkowski (1949), Harnasie and Serenada by Karłowicz (1951), Bursztynowa panna by Świerzyński (1961), Z chłopa król by Bacewiczówna, Zabawa w Lipinach by Mycielski (1954), Mazepa by Szeligowski (1958).

Stanisław Miszczyk, fot. Edward Hartwig
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