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Zdjęcie: Sylwia Kowalska-Borowy

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Sylwia Kowalska-Borowy – She had been the Baltic Dance Theatre’s dancer since its very foundation, then becoming the ensemble’s coach, a function she performs today. She graduated with honours from the Secondary Ballet School in Gdańsk in 1997. As a student, she participated in the Wojciech Wiesiołłowski National Dance Competition in Gdańsk and received honourable mention.

After graduating the ballet school in 1998, she was engaged by the State Baltic Opera. She performed there as: Princess in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Pawłowski, Medora in The Corsar by Adam, Mercedes in Don Quixote by Minkus, Bathilde in Giselle by Adam, The widow and She in …from heaven by Izadora Weiss to music by Michał Lorenc, the sensual Edith in Edith. When the group was transformed into the Baltic Dance Theatre, she played many leading roles in the performances: 4&4, Eurasia, Men’s dance and the following parts: Nurse in Romeo and Juliet by Izadora Weiss, George Sand in Chopinart by Ho Sin Hang and The Sapphire in OUT choreographed by Izadory Weiss. Recently she has also performed in Dream by Wojciech Misiuro and Cinderella by Eugenio Scigliano.

Fot. z archiwum BTT.
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