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TO-EN (Japanese: Earth-Garden) – butoh dancer, choreographer, art director of TO-EN Butoh Company. In 2005–2009 she studied choreography in Sweden with SU-EN, butoh choreographer and artist, art director of SU-EN Butoh Company. At that time, TO-EN took part in numerous performances, projects (improvisations, film productions, performances, workshops), presented at leading Swedish theatres and festivals. In 2009 in Stockholm the solo of TO-EN performance White was premiered and TO-EN was officially given her artistic name. This premiere started TO-EN Butoh Company. Currently, the artist works in Poland, primarily in Tricity. Works of TO_EN include performances, multidisciplinary projects, site-specific actions, improvisations, workshops and lectures.

They take place both in theatre and non-theatre (such as galleries, malls, streets, churches, outdoor spaces and others) facilities. Apart from White, TO-EN carried out several own projects, including: Brightness (2009), Transformations (2009), Mélange (in collaboration with a photographer Paweł Maciak, 2010), Streaks (2011) and Heat (2011).

TO-EN butoh Company, White-biały. Fot. Gunnar Stening.
TO-EN Butoh Company, Jaskrawość. Fot. Olga Ścibska.
TO-EN Butoh Company, Jaskrawość. Fot. Paweł Maciak.
TO-EN Butoh Company,Przemiany. Fot. Małgorzata Taraszkiewicz.
TO-EN Butoh Company,Przemiany. Fot. Paweł Maciak.
TO-EN Butoh Company, Melanż. Fot. Emikarpowicz.
TO-EN Butoh Company, Melanż. Fot. Paweł Maciak
TO-EN Butoh Company, Smugi. Fot. Paweł Maciak.





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