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Zdjęcie: Tomasz Foltyn

Photo: Kaja Brezocnik.

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Tomasz Foltyn is an independent performer, mover, improvising artist, activist, anthropologist, and a street theatre performer based in Krakow, Poland. He graduated from Shahar Dor/Artness in Israel and  the Performers House in Denmark. His movement vocabulary was developed in Terminus a Quo Theatre, an independent movement theatre from Poland. He works mostly with improvisation dance and performance. His thesis, “Contact Improvisation as body language. Non-classical study of the anthropology of dance” was published by the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology in Cracow, Poland. He is a practitioner and researcher of contact improvisation, movement-based performances, life-art-process, interactivity in performing arts, personal approaches to arts creation and critical thinking.


He often creates pieces in public space and unconventional spaces (bus stops, abandoned houses, parks, art galleries) by interacting with people and letting go of the idea of the stage. Foltyn considers himself to be a multidisciplinary artist, who in his work uses various techniques and forms by intertwining multiple art fields. In 2011 in San Francisco together with a group of local dancers Foltyn directed a dance documentary titled “Tenderline” with Argentine film director and writer Jada Sirkin.


Since 2008, he has been working with professional art collective Kud Ljud from Slovenia. Electric Invasion and Streetwalker – readymade open air gallery were presented at art festivals in Gwacheon, South Korea; Rennes, France; Vyborg, Denmark; Oreol, the Netherlands; Norwich, the United Kingdom; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Graz, Austria.

Fot. Kaja Brezocnik.
Fot. Kaja Brezocnik.
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