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Witold Mrozek

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Witold Mrozek – critic and columnist. He studied in Cracow, at the Inter-faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities of the Jagiellonian University. In 2006 he founded, together with Anna Królica, a vortal NowyTaniec.PL.

Since 2008 the vice-chairman of PERFORMA Foundation. He launched the conference Together or separately Between Polish dance and theatre which took place in the Z. Raszewski Theatrical Institute in December 2009. and one of programme coordinators of the First Dance Congress in Warsaw (April 2011). Currently he works for the Institute of Music and Dance (IMIT); in particular, he is responsible for their website The curator of the project “Dance Policies” – a joint initiative of IMIT and the Theatre Institute.

He writes about performing arts and cinema. His texts are about relations between dance and theatre, critic choreography, emergent Polish theatre, historical policy in culture and its relations with the class structure of society. He has written for „Didaskalia”, „Teatr”, „Dwutygodnik”, „Krytyka Polityczna”, „Ha!rt”, „ Kino”, to name a few. Member of the „Krytyka Polityczna” team.

Witold Mrozek
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