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Zdjęcie: Zbigniew (Zibi) Bieńkowski

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Zbigniew “Zibi” Bieńkowski – musician, performer, author of visual and multimedia performances, sound producer. Founder of Silesian music bands – G’ROY (1986–1989), which, at its time, was one of the most interesting music projects in the region and URODZINY (2000–2002). Founder of music-visual bands – PROM (1987–1989) and U nited W ith A ngels (1989–1989). Since 2000 he has cooperated with Tricity music scene as a musician and concert sound producer.

In his solo concerts he mixes styles (balancing between free jazz, post rock, contemporary improvised music and electro music / new sounds), guitar and electronic music, paying particular attention to tone and volume of sound as well as surround sound which he creates during the concerts.

As a sound producer he cooperated with Polish band Kury – using electronics he co-created sound both at the concerts and for the band’s record 100 lat undergroundu.

Together with Magdalena Jędra he co-founded a band PLASTIYQUE dod (non-existing any more), exploring the areas of dance theatre, visual arts, performance and experimental music. As PLASTIYQUE dod he was a co-author of stage performances (teleTRANSIS, In Praxi, konstrukcja symboliczna, Teoria hałas) and club performances, where he played a role of a performer and musician as well as, using video techniques, created their visual aspect.

From September 2002 to December 2003 he cooperated with Centre for Contemporary Art ŁAŹNIA in Gdańsk, where together with Joanna Charchan, as a part of in progress project, he organized and produced experimental music concerts.

From 2005, together with musician and composer Grzegorz Welizarowicz as well as dancers and choreographers Magdalena Jędra and Anna Steller, he is a member of Tricity collective Good Girl Killer.





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