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Good Girl Killer

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Good Girl Killer was founded early 2005 by Tricity artists: Magda Jędra, Anna Steller, Zbigniew Zibi Bieńkowski and Grzegorz Welazarowicz (some of them used to collaborate in Plastiq Dod). Their first project was a dance-music-visual performance Good Girl Killer; its premiere took place in March 2005 in Żak Club in Gdańsk. The group’s activities include theatre performances, dance and multimedia workshops, film productions, music videos, concerts and happenings. Currently, GGK consists of Magda Jędra and Anna Steller, who regularly invite other artists for work with them: Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz (Akcja), Jacek Krawczyk (Delia), Tatiana Kamieniecka (Le sni). In their works, GGK does away with the formal borders between various fields of art, combining high culture inspirations with pop-culture without differentiating the two. The group’s artists use new technologies and new media, but they also refer to the past. The group’s style, being created and re-created again and again, defines the artists, their experiences and ideas, reflects the artists’ interests and experiments which they run on themselves and art.

Two GGK performances were presented at the Polish Dance Platform (Akcja, 2008 and Delia (2010). The group’s latest projects are Magdalena Jędra’s solo Konfetti (2010) and Have a nice hell (Exhibitionistic Performance), a duo by Jędra and Anna Steller (premiere at Galeria Pionova in Gdańsk, autumn 2010).

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