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If you’re dancing physics, you’re dancing contact.

If you’re dancing chemistry, you’re doing something else.

Steve Paxton (1987)

The idea of FRU Festival is to explore and promote contact improvisation. FRU Festival focuses both on the roots of contact improvisation, a dance technique which emerged in the 1970s in the USA, but also on promoting it as a dance technique based on concrete principles: dynamics, gravity, centrifugal force, weight, momentum, swing, suspension and energy.

The next FRU Festival, taking place on 10-13 October, embraces dance workshops, jam sessions set to live music, a piece by the KIJO Group and evening performances. The dancers will attempt to break the dance jamming record set at last year’s FRU, that is deliver more than 17 hours of improvised dancing.

Defying the grass-is-always-greener syndrome, FRU Festival will host well-known and appreciated Polish teachers. It is the only occasion to take part in their classes in their native land and a unique chance to build a common platform where dance lovers may to exchange their experiences.

FRU Festival is evolving with its every edition. As requested by the participants, it takes place twice a year. The spring edition is all about innovation, e.g. it focuses on merging different art forms (this year’s May FRU featured Dance Video Projects). The autumn edition has an intensive programme of workshops and gives the participants an immediate chance to explore their newly acquired skills during evening jam sessions to live music. Meeting the need to develop contact improvisation as a dance technique, the festival’s programme was expanded to include workshops on CI.

Workshop instructors:

Contact Improvisation:Kama Jankowska, Maga Radłowska, Filip Wencki, Michał Ratajski,

Improvisation:Dawid Lorenc, Paweł Grala,

Contemporary Dance:Adrian Bartczak,

Elements of GAGA:Anna Haracz,

Music – instrumentation:

Marcus Saudy – denon x 1600, maschine, novation impulse 49, F1 Native Instruments

Suavas Lewy – “my instrumentation is indescribable; I play on everything”

Damian Siuta – dun dun and djembe, cajon, darbuca, el-acoustic guitar, kaosilaor, noisemakers

Kuba Pałys – piano

The festival is a fully independent, non-profit event, fully financed by participants’ fees.

No. of participants strictly limited.


PARTNES: AOIA, Latająca Kuchnia Baby Jagaty, PS Dance Company

COST: PLN 496.75

The price includes: 20 hrs of workshops; 30 hrs of jam sessions with live music, including the attempted record-breaking jam session; evening performances; free accommodation for those who participate in the entire festival; meals.

BANK ACCOUNT:ALIOR BANK, Michał Ratajski: 87 2490 0005 0000 4000 2313 1326; please provide your name and surname, followed by “FRU Festiwal 4” for reference.

Please send us an e-mail to to inform us how advanced you are in contact improvisation (beginner/intermediate/advanced + experience in years) and if you require accommodation; please attach a confirmation of making the payment,.

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