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In September the Museum of Art in Łódź (ms2) will hold a range of performative and educational events in conjunction with the exhibition Przyjdźcie, pokażemy wam, co robimy. O improwizacji tańca[You come, we’ll show you what we do. On dance improvisation].

On Saturday, 7 September (7 pm) Ilona Trybułaand DJ Lenar, whose collaboration goes three years back, will present their joint movement-based interpretation of Katarzyna Kobro’s sculptures and her conceptions of time and space. The performance will be full of rational, conceptual movement. Ilona Trybuła explains that the piece “will concern space being shaped by sound, body shaping space, shape and form taking on meaning only when they occur”. Inspired by the elliptic movement of Katarzyna Kobro’s sculptures and their location in space, DJ Lenar will be trying to compose music that works in an omnidirectional manner. Trybuła and Lenar will follow the words of Kobro when she claimed that sculpture is only a form penetrating the space, without psychology and without narration – and that is when it takes on its own life.

Marcin Lenarczyk is a sound artist and musician, aka DJ Turntablista. He plays the turntables and loopers, produces and edits music. AsDJ Lenarhe has promoted new techniques of playing music with the use of turntables, while smoothly navigating between different music styles from the klezmer Meritum, to reinterpretations of Lutosławski played with Andrzej Bauer, to performing along the Paris Tetris group with Marcin Masecki. He collaborates with Warsaw-based musicians of the independent and jazz scene, and records with the Lado ABC record company. For several years now he has been producing and editing music for feature and documentary films (Niezależna Republika Samosiuk, Suicide Room,Przeżyć Afganistan). He is also the author of the soundtrack for Filmowa Kolekcja Bajek – Opowieści pogranicza.

The performance will be preceded with a screening of archive recordings documenting the Festival of Dance Improvisation [Sic!] (4 September, 6 pm). In 2010 and 2011 the festivals SIC! and Ad Libitum merged to enable dancers and prominent musicians invited by Krzysztof Knittel to meet on stage. Stage lighting, often live, was handled by Ewa Garniec. The outcomes of these extraordinary meetings will be presented in the Museum of Art in Łódź by Ilona Trybuła, artistic director of Sic! Festival, which has been taking place in Warsaw for 7 years now, featuring Chanti Wadge, Rafał Dziemidok, Leszek Bzdyl, Pracownia Fizyczna, David Zambrano, Magpie Music & Dance Company, Maria Mavridou i Marysia Stokłosa, Julyen Hamilton, Les SlovaKs Dance Collective, Makiko Ito, Benno Voorham, Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood, Daniel Lepkoff, Boris Charmatz, and others.

Admission to the performance and screening FREE.

Also in September: workshops on rolling (to be run by: Jacek Owczarek, 7 September), GaGa workshops (Natalia Iwaniec, 13-14 September) and contact improvisation jam (11 September). On 28 September David Zambrano and Pracownia Fizyczna will present their premiere piece, Soul Project(more information to follow).

More information about the exhibition events:

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