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Saturday, 26 October sees the launch of the 22nd Łódź Ballet Festival, one of Poland’s leading dance festivals. Since 1986 the event has been a place where the most up-to-date trends in world ballet were confronted with the most important achievements in contemporary choreography. To start off the 22nd edition the host of the festival, the Grand Theatre of Łódź is presenting a comic ballet, Don Quixote (music by Ludwig Minkus) based on themes taken from Cervantes’ novel. The choreography was made by Russia’s Alexandr Polubentsev,who used choreographies by Marius Petipa and Alexandr Gorsky. More festival events are taking place throughout November. As always, the showcase will feature excellent ballet companies and artists, such as the Ballet National de Marseille (to perform Frédéric Flamand’s two choreographies: Moving Targetand Orpheus and Eurydice); American dance theatre Ailey II with two different choreographic programmes (the first including the famous Revelations); Belgian choreographer of Moroccan origins, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui presenting his Milonga and Britain’s Russell Maliphant with a ballet night titled Still Current.

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About the performances:

Ballet National de Marseille,Moving target

Ballet National de Marseille,Orpheus and Eurydice

Ailey II,Streams/Virtues/Revelations

Ailey II,Ailey Highlights/Doscongio/Rusty/Revelations

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui,milonga

Russell Maliphant,Still Current (Afterlight, Two, Duet, Solo, Trio)

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