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The Museum of Art (ms2) in Łódź [Museum Sztuki w Łodzi] is offering another series of exiting events to accompany its ongoing exhibition Przyjdźcie, pokażemy Wam, co robimy. O improwizacji tańca [Come, we’ll show you what we do. About dance improvisation].

On Friday, 19 July (7 pm), participants of Ray Chung’s workshops Art and Sport in Contact Improvisation for experienced practitioners of contact improvisation will present the results of their work, which aimed at rediscovering the roots of the technique.

The next day, on Saturday, 20 July, Pracownia Fizyczna, the SzaZa duo and their guests will present their performance Zdarzenia/zadania[Happenings/Assignments].

Next week, on Wednesday, 24 July (7 pm), the museum will show Steve Paxton’s educational film Material For The Spine. Movement Research, while on Friday and Saturday, 26 and 27 July, Michał Ratajski of the KIJO Group will run an open workshop on improvisation.

To finish off the month, on Wednesday, 31 August two other films will be screened: Returning Home, a documentary on the work of Anna Haprin, pioneer of contact improvisation; followed by Unisonoby Justyna Celińska featuring Aleksandra Borys and MarysiaZimpel, and coming in advance of the performance of UNISONOre//mix Anna Halprin, produced by komuna // warszawa) to take place on 3 August.

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