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On Wednesday, 31 July, the Museum of Art in Łódź (ms2) is going to celebrate Anna Halprin’s legacywith two films: Returning Home featuring Halprin’s choreography, followed by Unisono by JustynaCalińska featuring Aleksandra Borys and Marysia Zimpel. The latter is coming in advance of theperformance of UNISONO re//mix Anna Halprin, produced by komuna // warszawa, to take place on 3August (7 pm) at the museum. Returning home is the effect of Anna Halprin’s search for existing mythsand rituals using dance as a means of making a connection with nature, while Unisono explores Halprin’sideas on how a dancer’s body may harmoniously exist in an open space, away from a studio or stage.The screenings start at 6 pm.

Anna Halprin is undoubtedly a pioneer of contemporary dance. In 1955-65 she ran the Dancers’Workshops in San Francisco, which turned out to play a pivotal role for such dancers/choreographers asSimone Forti, Trisha Brown or Yvonne Rainer. Halprin focused on joint experimenting and searchinginstead of the standard teacher-student relation. With her students she studied anatomy as the basis ofmovement, engaged in experience-building improvisation, and invited collaboration from painters,sculptors and musicians, doing away with boundaries between different disciplines of art. In 1978Halprin set up Tamalps Institute (, which provided the institutional base for hereducational and artistic activity. In 1981 she began a project aiming to explore existing myths and ritualsusing dance as a means of making a connection with nature. The film Returning home is the outcome ofthese explorations.

Anna Halprin Returning home (2003) 45 min.

Director: Andy Abraham Wilson

Cinematography & Editing: Andy Abraham Wilson

Body art: Eeo Stubblefield

Original music: Fred Frith

Find out more about the events of the exhibition Przyjdźcie, pokażemy Wam, co robimy. Oimprowizacji tańca [Come, we’ll show you what we do].

About dance improvisation] at the website ofthe Museum of Art in Łódź:

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