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The 13th International Contemporary Dance Festival Body/Mind will open on Thursday, 18 September, at Studio Theatre, with Souls by Olivier Dubois. Having invited dancers from Egypt, Congo, Senegal, Morocco, and the Ivory Coast to join the project, the French choreographer seeks to revive their inherent authentic motion ? not a movement full of scenic pretence, but a community-building motion, the eye of social energy.


On Friday, the festival will welcome UNTITLED_I will be there when you die. Created by  Alessandro Sciarroni, already known to Warsaw audience, the piece is a choreographic meditation on the passage of time and a reflection on the skilful manipulation of items: juggling. description


Saturday will be a day of folk fever brought about by FOLK? I do (not) agree! to last from 2 to 10 pm at Studio Theatre, embracing installations and performances by Polish and Icelandic artists who are going to try and answer the question of “why we hate folk ? and why fake folk creates so much pleasure?” through their presentations and a panel discussion.  Admission free. description


On Sunday, whole families are invited to see Nothing?s for something,a magical show conceived by the Japanese-Norwegian duo of Yukiko Shinozaki and Heine Avdal. description


Overall, the programme embraces ten performances and installations by artists hailing from Iceland, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal, and Poland. The line-up includes: Alessandro Sciarroni, Martin Schick, Les Choses de Rien, Heine R?sdal Avdal, Yukiko Shinozaki, Karol Tymiński.




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Main festival events:


18.09 Souls/ Olivier Dubois | France

19.09 UNTITLED_I will be there when you die / Alessandro Sciarroni | Italy

20.09 FOLK? I do (not) agree! | Poland / Iceland

21.09 Nothing?s for something/ Heine Avdal, Yukiko Shinozaki | Norway / Japan / Belgium

22.09 Mouvinsitu/ Les Choses de Rien | France

23.09 The Iliad/ Felix Mathias Ott | Germany

24.09 Pussy/ Karol Tymiński | Poland

25.09 Holiday on stage/ Martin Schick, Damir Todorovic | Swizerland

28.09 600 steps/ TALDANS | Polska / Turkey

27 + 28.09 Atlas Warszawa/ Ana Borralho, Jo?o Galante | Portugal


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