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Festival is a unique occasion to learn about all things important in contemporary dance today. The 15th anniversary edition starts on 30 September. Tickets are already available.


The 15th anniversary edition of the festival includes a chunky dose of events, including the premiere presentation of Kaya Kołodziejczyk?s Audycja V [Audition V]. The piece is a movement opera comprised of elements of visual arts, music (whistles, ocarinas and sirens), a choir to comment on the action, and interactive animations which react to sound and motion:


The event is intended to be received through all senses. It engages the audience and opens it to new sensations. A staging of an avant-garde work by Andrzej Krzanowski, written in the 1970s but not performed in 21st century technological conditions. Each piece selected for the festival is not only a treat to dance lovers and experts but also a delight to everyone interested in contemporary art, says Edyta Kozak.


The festival will also see the Polish premiere of Sideways Rain, an hour of pure choreography accompanied by minimalist music. 15 dancers will take to the stage in a piece pervaded by constant motion:

Sideways Rain is a quintessence of the 15-year long history of our festival. It is an international Project stemming from the collaboration of Brazilian choreographer Guilherme Botelho with eleven Polish and four Swiss dancers, and an unprecedented dose of dance, motion, and rush in Polish contemporary dance, adds Kozak.


Body/Mind is a platform for the independent and dynamically expanding art of dance. The festival attracts some of the most intriguing Polish and foreign artists:


To many viewers, Body/Mind is the only chance to witness the important novelties in dance: the latest currents, trends, techniques and tendencies in choreography, says Kozak.


The festival program includes another atypical piece prepared especially for the anniversary edition.  Martin Schick?s This is a Gala (one of three installments in his Low-budget Series) is an ironic game which takes up the celebration of vernissages, galas and banquets. The series features two more pieces: the performative start up Corporation, Incorporated, and the performance of exchange titled Technika dzielenia chleba [Bread-sharing technique].


Body/Mind opts for the diversity of artistic stances, dance styles and forms of expression. For instance, The Ninth by Slovenian company Via Negativa is a piercing vision of civilizational madness, accompanied by Beethoven?s 9th Symphony, whose plot is based on a true story of a certain genetically modified. horse breed:


It is a powerful piece. Ear plugs are distributed to the audience, so that they may choose if they want to detach themselves from the music and gunshots which put the animals of their misery, recounts Kozak.


The program of the 15th edition of the Body/Mind Festival features a total of 9 performances and meetings with their authors.


Three festival stages. Nowy Theatre for contemporary dance


The International Body/Mind festival will open on 30 September and close on 8 October. Performances will be presented in three venues: the Studio Theatre, Centre for Contemporary Art-Ujazdowski Castle, and a brand new space of the Nowy Theatre:

This will be our first visit to the Nowy Theatre, a crucial location on the cultural map of Warsaw. Thus, the program would be amiss without an event embodying the essence of contemporary dance. Our presence at the Nowy Theatre is a new opening for the festival, says  Kozak.


Tickets for festival performances are already available online  and at all retail outlets of Eventim (including Empik, Media Markt and Saturn stores). Starting on 5 September, tickets will also be sold at the Nowy Theatre and Studio Theatre. One hour before each show, tickets will be available at the Centre for Contemporary Art-Ujazdowski Castle. 


The Festival was established in 1995. Since 2001, it has been known as the Body/Mind Festival. The previous 14 editions featured presentations of 280 shows in 29 venues across Warsaw, with a total attendance of over 20,000.


Body/Mind Festival

The Body/Mind International Contemporary Dance Festival has been held annually since 1995, when its first edition was organized by Edyta Kozak and Jarosław Żwirblis. Originally known as ?Małe Formy Teatru Tańca? and the first event of its kind in Poland, the festival was renamed to Body/Mind, presenting dance as a thought-provoking field which integrates the matter (body) with ideas (mind), offering new possibilities to present latest art projects. Since 2009, the festival has been held annually, with each edition heralded by a new leitmotif. The festival presents the oeuvre of groundbreaking artists of each generation, including many eminent international artists, for whom the festival frequently serves as the venue of Polish premieres of their work.      


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