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The 22nd Cracow Ballet(off) Meetingsstart on 29 November at the Cultural Centre in Nowa Huta, Cracow. The main aim of the Meetings is to support the artistic work of dancers, artists and choreographers by presenting their works to a wide audience. This year the project is carried out with the support of the International Visegrad Fund. Bringing in ensembles form the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to participate in the event, lets the artists see each other’s work and share artistic experiences originating in diverse cultural backgrounds.

The programme of this year’s edition, lasting until 1 December, features a representation of Cracow-based artists, namely the Cracow Dance Theatre, DF Dance Theatre, Cracow Dance Academy, along with the Dance Theatre Bralen of Slovakia, the Dance Theatre Maximvs of the Czech Republic, and the Zadam Company of Hungary. Taking place in conjunction with the festival is an exhibition of Krzysztof Lewiński’s photography and a dancing competition for young people under the name of Kontrakcja [Counteraction].

The festival has been held at the Cultural Centre in Nowa Huta since 1991roku. Due to its cyclical nature, the Meetings constitute a regular experience exchange forum for artists representing various choreographic styles, and using different dance techniques. This project stimulates dance development both in Poland and partner countries.

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