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On Friday, 16 October (8 pm), Rotunda (ul. Oleandry 1) will present Yuko Kaseki?s solo performance Shoot Jeez My Gosh?. A butoh piece, Shoot Jeez My Gosh? was inspired by a novel by American writer Henry Darger, where innocence is juxtaposed with violence. The latter is represented here with sounds of real battles downloaded from the web, while the former ? by the movements of the body. The performance brings up the question of the ambivalent attitude of helplessness towards the system of violence and brutal terror of the modern world. The novel has not yet been translated into Polish; therefore Yuko Kaseki?s interpretation is the only interdisciplinary translation that the Polish spectator may experience. The encounter with Kaseki is also an encounter with the art of choreography, dance and sound collage.


The artist graduated in Butoh/Performing Art at HBK Braunschweig. Her art combines two radically different visions, confronting the horrors of war with the body of a frail, defenceless child. The performance will be preceded by a screening of Jade Sirkin?s El Sue?o Del Ginko created in cooperation with Argentine butoh dancer Rhea Volij (6 pm, Teatr Barakah, ul. Paulińska 28). An abstract journey into one?s mind in the form of ephemeral video art, the film was conceived in one afternoon. According to the artist himself, the inspiration came from the whisper of the wind. The guests present at the premiere screening of this work will experience the archetypal symbolism of dreams as depicted by the author. In order to achieve the desired effect, Sirkin focused on reflecting the nature of the duality of body and soul in a unique way that could be compared to a form of visual haiku.


Duration: 40 min.

Tickets:  PLN 20


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