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After the recent success of the Polish-Japanese project Kantor_Tropy (Kantor_Traces) which premiered in 2015 and soon will go on an extensive tour of Poland, the Amareya Theatre will perform on 1?11 April 2016 in Ankara, Istanbul and Bart?n in Turkey.


Katarzyna Pastuszak and Joanna Duda of Amareya Theatre, a collective based in the Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia Tricity, will visit the 10th ETHOS Ankara Uluslararas? Tiyatro Festivali in Ankara and the 22nd Bart?n Uluslararas? Tiyatro Festivali in Bart?n. They will present the piece titled Yameru maihime_prolog (A Dancing Sick Princess_Prologue; Katarzyna Pastuszak ? dance, Joanna Duda ? live music) and will run dance and improvisation workshops. In Istanbul, they will present the piece at the Tatavla Sahne theatre and will run workshops at the ÇATI Çagdaş Dans Sanatçilari Dernegi dance centre. The performance was recently presented in Japan during the Minato Butoh International Festival 2015 at the Keio University Art Centre in Tokyo and at the Tohoku Fringe Festival 2015 in Aomori.




1 April ? presentation of Yameru maihime_prolog, 22nd Bart?n Uluslararas? Tiyatro Festivali, Bart?n

3 April ? participation in the 10th ETHOS Ankara Uluslararas? Tiyatro Festivali, Ankara

4 April ? presentation of Yameru maihime_prolog, 10th ETHOS Ankara Uluslararas? Tiyatro Festivali, Ankara

5?7 April ? workshops, 10th ETHOS Ankara Uluslararas? Tiyatro Festivali, Ankara

8 April ? presentation of Yameru maihime_prolog, Tatavla Sahne theatre, Istanbul

9?11 April ? workshops, ÇATI Dance Association (ÇATI Çagdaş Dans Sanatçilari Dernegi), Istanbul


About the performance


Yameru maihime_prolog

(A Dancing Sick Princess_Prologue)


This is the first part of a triptych inspired by the work of Hijikata Tatsumi, the founder of the Japanese butoh dance. The title is a reference to Tatsumi?s quasi-autobiographical novel Yameru maihime (A Dancing Sick Princess, also known as The Ailing Dancer). With this piece, Pastuszak opens the Yameru maihime series in which she will draw from her own childhood on the one hand and launch a dialogue with the Japanese artist?s concepts on the other. The project coincides with the release of her book, Ankoku but? Hijikaty Tatsumiego ? teatr ciała-w-kryzysie (Ankoku but? of Hijikata Tatsumi ? the theatre of body-in-crisis), which is yet another step in her exploration of butoh.


The dialogue between Pastuszak and Hijikata is further enriched thanks to costume designer Daisuke Tsukuda (The Rebelis), who has created a Japanese kimono dyed in dry mud in Tohoku, the region where Hijikata was born.


Concept and performance: Katarzyna Pastuszak

Music: Joanna Duda

Costume: Daisuke Tsukuda (The Rebelis)

Premiere: 19 May 2015, Warsaw Butoh/PL Festival

Premiere of new version: 19 August 2015, Minato Butoh International Festival, Tokyo

Production: Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture (GAK) ? Stacja Orunia Gdańsk programme, City of Gdańsk


Katarzyna Pastuszak and Joanna Duda?s visit to Turkey was made possible thanks to the Polish Culture Around the World programme of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.




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