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March will see the premiere of Amareya?s Sisimiut Needs a Hero and presentations of Nomadic Woman?at the National Theatre of Greenland in Nuuk.


Following last year’s streak of international successes in Japan, Greenland, Israel, and Russia, the Amareya Theatre & Guests from Poland’s seaside Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) are travelling abroad again. They have accepted an invitation to perform at the National Theatre of Greenland in the country?s capital as well as at Sisimiut Kulturhus with students of the Teknikimik Ilinniarfik school.


From 2 to 12 March 2015 three artists of the Amareya Theatre & Guests will stay in Sisimiut working with students of the Teknikimik Ilinniarfik secondary school on the piece Sisimiut Needs a Heroat Sisimiut Kulturhus. The piece, featuring 22 students and developed by Amareya?s K. Pastuszak, J. Duda, A. Śliwińska, is set to premiere on 11 March at Sisimiut Kulturhus.


Next, from 15 to 16 March 2015 Amareya will give two performances of Nomadic Woman (directed by K. Pastuszak) at the National Theatre of Greenland in Nuuk. The piece will feature: Louise Fontain from Greenland/Norway and Poland?s Joanna Duda (live music), Agnieszka Kamińska, Aleksandra Śliwińska, Katarzyna Pastuszak, Anna Kalwajtys, Magdalena Jędra, and Daniela Komędera.


Nomadic Woman is closely connected with Greenland?s history. It revolves around the life of Louise Fontain, who was born in Sisimiut but deported from Greenland to Denmark as a child as part of a Danish governmental project envisaging re-education of young Greenlanders to make them ?genuine Danes?. The Nomadic Woman project, developed by Louise Fontain and Amareya, is a one of a kind undertaking that attempts intercultural dialogue on exile, relocation, and discrimination. Katarzyna Pastuszak has been recently nominated by the Pomysłodalnia Foundation (Rumia, Poland) to a prestigious Splendor Gedanensis culture award of the City of Gdańsk for directing Nomadic Woman. The piece was shown at the 11th International Dance and Theatre Festival at Theatre X in Tokyo.


The Amareya Theatre & Guests have been closely cooperating with Sisimiut Kulturhus and the National Theatre of Greenland since 2012. In 2014 Amareya’s artists visited Sisimiut to give a performance of Nomadic Woman and run workshops for 50 secondary school students from Sisimiut. The success of the performance and the workshops prompted the management of the school and the culture centre to invite the Polish artists to co-produce a piece with the school’s students. The fruits of the collaboration will soon be seen in the far north!



Nomadic Woman


Nomadic Woman is a performance project about women and their internal and external emigration. The project revolves around stories of the women who lived most of their life in motion and in a peculiar isolation, without a permanent address or the sense of putting down roots anywhere. By revealing to world the difficult truth about themselves, the women gain back their dignity and are reborn. The project is to discuss the issue of exile and to draw attention to the unique richness of what is popularly called “the other” and what is often stigmatized. Nomadic Woman is a return to oneself and to the world. On a theoretical level, the project also refers to the concept of inconstant human identity, as expressed by Rosi Braidotti (the concept of ?a Nomadic subject?).


From a review:

 (…) This is a Polish Norwegian parable on wandering women (…). ?Nomadic Woman? is a successfully implemented, communicative project, made up of a multitude of elements, whose diversity, however, does not obscure the whole picture, but makes the piece more intense and puts it in context. It is an artistic research, a specific laboratory roamed by women. (?) Owing to the consistency of its methodology, imaging, and narration, the piece must be ranked high among other alternative productions. Pastuszak approaches narration in an ambitious manner, giving voice to eight characters, yet she leaves her audience time to familiarise with the space and time in which the production unfolds.? Katarzyna Wysocka (, 14 December 2012, translated from Polish by IMiT)


Choreography: Katarzyna Pastuszak, Dorota Androsz (actress of Wybrzeże Theatre)

Consultants: Dorota Androsz, Aleksandra Śliwińska, Agnieszka Kamińska, Anna Kalwajtys

Performers: Louise Fontain (Greenland/Norway), Dorota Androsz, Magdalena Jędra, Katarzyna Pastuszak, Aleksandra Śliwińska, Joanna Duda, Anna Kalwajtys 

Text: Barbara Szamotulska, Louise Fontain, Katarzyna Pastuszak, Dorota Androsz

Video: Katarzyna Pastuszak, Louise Fontain

Music: Joanna Duda

Duration: 60 min.

Premiere: 11 December 2012, Club Żak, Gdańsk

Premiere of the longer version: 13 April 2014, Stacja Orunia, Gdańsk


Sisimiut Needs a Hero


Sisimiut Needs a Hero, to be developed by the Amareya Theatre’s three artists together with teachers and 22 students of Teknikimik Ilinniarfik, a secondary school in Sisimiut, will vibrate with young people’s energy, while attempting to reach back to Greenland’s history and the dreams and aspirations of this extraordinary country’s young generation. Together with the young people Amareya artists will try to find out what kind of a hero ? from the past or present ? Sisimiut needs.


Directed by: Katarzyna Pastuszak

Dramaturge: Nicolai Nielsen

Consultants: Nicolai Nielsen, Nivi Lennart, Steffen Nielsen, Aleksandra Śliwińska

Performers: Anda Otto Storch Schmidt, Anders Karing, Aqqalooraq Lennert, Aviaaja Lennert Olsen, Birte B Olsen, B?rge Niels Boller, Else L. S?rensen, Frank Boller, Jens Christian Lyberth Lennert, Kristen-Frederik Elias Aron Rosing Larsen, Laura Aviana Lennert Jensen, Linne ?sblom, Ludvikka Tellesen, Martin Eldevig Olsen, Naduk Petersen, Nathalie Augusta Hansen, Nicko Kleist, Rolf Olsen, Salik Aqqalunnguaq

Olsen, Salik G. Lennert, Sikkerninnguaq Cortzen, Tupaarnaq Berthelsen

Music written by: Joanna Duda

Live music: Joanna Duda and Teknikimik Ilinniarfik students

Project coordinator: Nicolai Nielsen

Premiere: 11 March 2015, Sisimiut Kulturhus, Greenland

Produced by: Teknikimik Ilinniarfik, Sisimiut Kulturhus

Special thanks to Poul Vilhelm Braad Jensenathe, headmaster of Teknikimik Ilinniarfik; Arnajaraq Stolvbaek, director of Sisimiut Kulturhus; and Nicolai Nielsen, the project’s coordinator.


Partners of the Amareya Theatre & Guests:

The City of Gdańsk; Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture ? Stacja Orunia and Klub Winda; Teknikimik Ilinniarfik led by Poul Vilhelm Braad Jensen; Sisimiut Kulturhus led by Arnajaraq Stolvbaek; National Theatre of Greenland led by Sven Syrinn. The trip was part-financed by the City of Gdańsk through Fundusz Mobilności [Mobility Fund].




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