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On 18th and 19th January Het Veem Theater in Amsterdam (Van Diemenstraat 408-410) will present a performance ofLisa Vereertbrugghen and Marta ZiółekBODY EYE or how to say what happened on 27th street in New York in December 1963.

The starting point ofBODY EYE or how to say what happened on 27th street in New York in December 1963, is the fictionalization of an actual event, and the creative force of language in that process. The aim is to expose an event from multiple actual and imaginary, visual and textual perspectives, by placing oneself in a particular historical event and appropriate and render it as if being there.

The particular event isEye Body:36 Transformative Actionsmade by Carolee Schneemann in 1963. Used is a process offake testimonyand an interchangeable role-playing of Schneemann, a witness and a photographer.

For Eye Body Schneemann transformed her loft inNew York not only in a space that unites working and living, but also into a so called ‘kinetic environment’, consisting of particular materials. Schneemann incorporated her body in the environmental construction by stepping into it, transforming her loft into an environment were materials move and are moved in a kinetic exchange.

For BODY EYE or how to say besides the narration of a fake testimony, physical material was created inspired by Schneemann´s statement that: “the body is the eye”. The main focus for the chorographical scoring of BODY EYE or how to say became contact, touch and the relation between vision and movement.

Lisa Vereertbrugghenand Marta Ziółek made BODY EYE or how to say in collaboration, after they graduated from SNDO. The work knew various versions throughout the making process, and was presented both in visual art as theatre context, like outLINEAmsterdam and now inHet Veem Theater.

Concept and choreography Lisa Vereertbrugghen and Marta Ziółek; Performance Maria Peralta, Lisa Vereertbrugghen and Marta Ziółek; Photography Katarzyna Szugajew; Advise Simon Asencio.

BODY EYE or how to say what happened on 27th street in New York in December 1963 was developed in collaboration with Het Veem Theater. Earlier phases of Body Eye or how to say have been supported by The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and outLINEAmsterdam.

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