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This October, the Artistic Group KONCENTRAT will launch the new edition of its Peter and the Wolf. Reinterpretation Project. Performances will be presented on 3-4 October in Lithuania (5 pm, Green Bridge/ Žaliasis tiltas, Vilnius), and on 6 October in Estonia (6:30 pm, Kesklinna School, Tartu). ADMISSION IS FREE.


About the project


 Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is a creation exceptionally well fitting the definition of classic art given by Susan Sonntag in Notes on Camp. It is beautiful, understandable, devoid of subtexts, it does not call for expression other than the one included in the aesthetics and the style of the composition as well as the virtuosity of performance. In Peter and the Wolf. Reinterpretation, that narration is confronted with working methods and taste typical of contemporary art (deformation, reduction, informality). Is the coexistence of the classical and the contemporary in one art piece possible if all the attributes of the classical art are wholly negated by its contemporary counterpart?

Furthermore, in a broader context, art in general (classical, contemporary and camp) is an isolated thread in present-day culture, whose presumed main consumer, i.e. the ordinary audience, does not love, like or respect its premises. Thus, artists of all fields and currents of high art create for themselves, their producers, and a narrow clique of connoisseurs / snobs, clumsily yet heroically trying to convince everybody around that it makes sense. One can say that art per se has become an unwelcome narration, a narration of the other. What will spring out / remain after a clash of two mutually exclusive artistic streams with the element of an average passer-by?  

Conceived, choreographed and directed by: Rafał Dziemidok
Space, lighting, costumes: Ewa Garniec
Musical adaptation: Oliver Schneller
Management: Marta Zientkowska
Performers from Lithuania: Paulius Markevicius, Zana Gonciar, Vilma Pitrinaite
Performers from Estonia: Linda Vaher, Jaan Ulst, Barbara Lehtna


Logo (miniaturka)

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