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The artistic residency of Marta Kosieradzka and Agnieszka Sterczyńska at the Kelim Choreography Centre in Tel Aviv has begun in September. The residency is planned for two months ? September 2019 and March 2020 ? and will be summed up with the premiere of If I wear that will feature at the March Hare 2020 Festival in Tel Aviv. The duo If I wear, that the artists will be working on during their residency, addresses the issue of visual and kinetic identity. The artists aim to shed light on various aspects of being and becoming, hiding and revealing, patchwork identity and searching for truth in various ways. The project is supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.


Kelim Choreography Centre is a choreographic centre established in Tel Aviv in 2009. Kelim is driven by the desire to develop the connections between artists, creations, audiences and communities with the notion that choreography is a practice that spans many fields and disciplines beyond dance, as well as to build awareness of the audience and promote the active participation of the local community in culture. Kelim supports and promotes artistic research in the field of contemporary dance choreography. The Centre?s artistic committee attempts to broaden the field of choreography, combine practice with theory and creative reflection on issues related to society, culture, politics and the role of an individual human being. Kelim Choreography Centre?s residency programme, which is quite unique in Israel, continues to host numerous dance artists from all over the world. Selected artists receive rehearsal space, mentoring, production support and the opportunity to premiere the performance during the annual March Hare Festival of Contemporary Dance. Resident choreographers are invited to share the results of their work with the audience at different stages of their process and to actively participate in different activities undertaken by Kelim.


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