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Acts, a touching solo performance by Aurora Lubos about victims of domestic violence, will be presented at the South Caucasus Contemporary Dance & Experimental Art Festival in Tbilisi.


Lubos is an independent dancer associated with the Polish and British contemporary dance scene, and has performed in the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Scotland, among others. Next she will perform in Georgia, where she will show Acts, inviting the audience to discuss domestic violence and its victims.


“I believe that art can bring about change, that it can shake us up and make us reflect on the reality that surrounds us. I also believe that the reason for creating art cannot be its purely aesthetic value, but above all its content. This is why I focus on providing a structure in both my plays and workshops ? I provide space to play with specific topics that we, the participants and I,  are moved by. I am trying to build a framework that includes games and tasks stimulating an in-depth exploration. By improvising together we discover movements, sounds, texts, or a theatrical response to burning questions. There are times of fruitful experiments, but there are also times of errors and failure,” says Aurora Lubos about her work.


The performance of Acts (7 June, 7 pm) will be preceded by workshops on violence against women and social exclusion in Georgia (5 and 6 June, 11 am?4 pm). After the show there will be a meeting between the artist and the audience.


The performance will be held at the Europe House as part of the South Caucasus Contemporary Dance & Experimental Art Festival.


Dance Workshops by Aurora Lubos: State Ballet School, 1 V. Vekua,


This project is organised by the East European Performing Arts Platform


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About the piece:

The piece is based on real stories of domestic violence and was conceived in reaction to reading letters and talking to people who experienced harassment. It draws on artistic classes run in support centres for abuse victims, which are mostly women and children: I want to enable those who cannot scream in their defence to start talking. So that they could speak about their entanglement, helplessness, their yearning for silence. I conceived it as a sequence of acts ? fragments of texts, exits, dissolution, images.


Aurora Lubos about the piece:

“With my actions I want to give voice to those who are unable to scream in their defence, but they’d like to talk about their entanglement, their helplessness, their longing for silence. This happens through a series of acts: fragments of texts, exits, vanishing, images.”


premiere: 22 June 2013, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk, Dom Angielski

choreography, video, performance: Aurora Lubos

music: Motion Trio


Aurora Lubos

dancer, performer

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Source:, ed. AL, transl. Bozhana Nikolova

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