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Austria’s SZENE Salzburg Festival will feature two members of the Warsaw-based Centrum w Ruchu. On 14 and 15 January (6 pm) Marysia Stokłosa will present her Intercontinental, while on 16 and 18 January (6 pm)Karol Tymiński will show his Beep at the Toilhaus Theater in Salzburg. SZENE Salzburg has been showcasing the most prominent developments in contemporary performance art and music since the 1960s. It started off as a local event and developed into an international festival along the way. SZENE is a founder of the international network APAP (Advancing Performing Arts Project), which makes it possible to support young artists’ projects and organise the annual summer festival Sommerszene.

To date, Salzburg saw presentations from: Merce Cunningham, Lalala Human Steps, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/Rosas, Jérôme Bel, Jan Fabre, Vim Vandekeybus, Fatou Traoré, Jean Claude Gallotta, Sankai Juku, Alain Platel, Josef Nadj, Michael Clark, Stephen Petronio, Mudances, Carol Armitage, L´esquisse, Michele Anne de Mey, Philippe Decouflé, Maguy Marin, Meg Stuart, Jonathan Burrows, John Jasperse, Vicente Saez, Ea Sola, Manuela Rastaldi, Riina Saastamoinen, Superamas, Claude Wampler, Sarah Michelson, Dave St.Pierre, and Diego Gil.

Intercontinentalis Maria Stokłosa’s latest solo, premiered at the Koło Theatre Studio at Soho Factory, Warsaw, as part of the New Dance Review 2012. The performance takes place in a changing landscape constructed from blue mattresses. The artist engages in a sequence of tasks – she devises physical fitness tests for herself and comes up with new ways to fight fear. The audience observes changing relations between subjects and objects, as the mattresses transform from elements of the stage design into protagonists in individual scenes. Intercontinental is a search for intimacy in the absence of another person. It is an attempt to find relief in the presence of imaginary figures. Once you are falling, what remains is the hope for mattresses being piled up at the bottom.

Beepis Karol Tymiński’s (1985) third original project. In his work to date the artist has been exploring relations between the body and identity. In Orlando he brought on stage an androgenic body showing how arbitrary the boundaries between masculinity and femininity are. In Doll House he tried to rinse the body of the stigma of strangeness by demystifying imaginary visions of corporeity functioning in popular perception. Karol Tymiński is a Warsaw-based artist. He is a member of the independent dance association Universal Law Of Impermanence (ULOI) and is an APAP artist.

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