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In August and September 2015, the ZAMEK Culture Centre will host the autumn edition of its performance programme From a frog?s perspective  curated by Anna Królica. The programme will include performances by artists from Germany. On Saturday, 19 September (8 pm), Antonia Baehr will present her solo performance Abecedarium Bestiarium, a tale of extinct animal species based on an alphabetic pattern where D stands for the dodo, T for the Tasmanian tiger, S for Steller?s sea cow, etc. Similarly to the 16th century Persian miniatures, Baehr?s animal portraits imitate poetry rather than nature. This type of poetic mimicry is conveyed through animal metaphors, where one similarity or affinity reveals itself in others; the countless animal metaphors manifest themselves through still more metaphors, as if in a veritable hall of mirrors.


On Sunday, 17 October (8 pm), Martin Nachbar, whom the Polish audiences may recall from Królica?s other two programmes (Archive of the Body in Poznań, and The Choreographic Machine in Cracow), will present his group performance Animal Dances.

In Animal Dances, Martin Nachbar and a group of dancers consider the relations and references between people and other creatures. Can we act, think, and feel like animals? Animal Dances approaches humans as physical entities existing amidst countless other physical entities, exploring their capacity for comprehension and interpretation. The dancers pose the following questions: how do we, the urban animals of the 21st century, behave towards other animals ? the cat which lies purring in our lap, mice frolicking in the shed, the cow, whose 100-gram portion lies on our plate, or the predator captured in a souvenir photograph taken on a safari… Nachbar shows our relationships with animals through dance, analysing the possibility to move, feel, and think like animals. The performance is comprised of four different yet interconnected parts. 


As it was the case in its past editions, the performance part of this autumn?s From a frog?s perspective will be supplemented by accompanying events (free admission). On 4 September (6 pm), the programme organizers will open the educational exhibition Animal City, prepared in cooperation with the Polish Society for Nature Protection SALAMANDRA and ?Gazeta Wyborcza?. The exhibition will be devoted to the wild animals living in Poznań, and to the ways in which we may coexist with, and take care of these animals. The exhibition will close on 28 September. On 14 October (6 pm), the programme organizers will hold a panel entitled Religia a zwierzęta [Religion and animals]. The list of invited speakers includes Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk.


Detailed eventinformation:

Antonia Baehr (Germany): Abecedarium Bestiarium

Martin Nachbar (Germany): Animal dances         

Miasto zwierząt [Animal City] ? educational exhibition

Religia a zwierzęta [Religion and animals] ? a panel with Olga Tokarczuk



PLN 15 (discount tickets), PLN 20 (full price tickets)


Ticket reservation:
(+48) 61 6465 260
every day from 10 am to 9 pm



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Curator?s text by Anna Królica 


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