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On 28 February and 1 March at 6 pm the Sopot Dance Theatre will show the performance Powiększenie ?Zoom out at Alte Rumfabrik (Güterstrasse 145) in Basel, Switzerland. The piece will be presented together with La Mennulara by Cie Dysoundbo (dancing: Patricia Rotodnaro, choreography: Linda Magnifico).


About the performance:

Powiększenie ? Zoom Out is a solo performance focusing on the process of living and getting to know oneself as an individual. According to the existentialists, conscious man is, in fact, nothingness ? that is the opposite of “somethingness” (an unchangeable thing) ? and wishes to be “effectively engaged in the future world”. And that is what freedom is.


Freedom is also nothingness, and we experience it when we become conscious of what we are not, and when, as a consequence, we can choose what we will be in the future. Because our freedom is nothingness, we do not make decisions based on things; instead we choose values and meanings. To perform an action we need to withdraw from participating in all that is happening around in order to decide what does not exist. We can then fill this emptiness with our actions. You have to exist to make a choice. We choose our essence ? the manner of our future existence. The awareness of being free may also trigger sadness and anguish, because if everything is possible, also things which we do not want or which we are afraid of are possible. Yet this freedom may also be the source of joy and strength. As Sartre said, there is not a more optimistic doctrine than the one that says that man is the master of his destiny.

You just have to? be mature enough to appreciate it.


Man is nothing else but that which he makes of himself.

Jean-Paul Sartre


I am in the process.

I become everyday anew.

I change and I get to know.

I fill myself with myself best as I can.

I choose myself anew as a being that sees what she used to be and is consciously proceeding towards the new.

Towards all that she isn?t yet.




Concept, choreography, performance: Joanna Czajkowska

Music: Karolina Rec, Rafał Dętkoś

Photos used in visualisations: Szymon Rogiński

Visualisations: Joanna Czajkowska

Film: Michał Popczyk

Stage design: Dominik Rudasz

Make-up: Agnieszka Wolska

Costume: Joanna Czajkowska

Lighting: Bartosz Cybowski/Artur Aponowicz


Premiere: 2009 Sopocka Scena Off de BICZ

Duration: ca. 45 min.

Produced by: Sopocka Scena Off de BICZ

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