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On Thursday, 24 April (8:30 pm) and Friday, 25 April (7 pm) Les Brigittines in Brussels will host the premiere of the latest piece by Harakiri Farmers, I wanna be someone great. The performance, choreographed by Dominika Knapik, has been produced as part of the Metamorphoses project.


About the piece: 

When wondering about the relations between power, religion and labour, one is reminded of Leni Riefenstahl. In I wanna be someone great she is treated as a symbol of the drive to control the reality, characteristic for the European culture. Currently, the labour/power/religion complex has a different form than in Leni?s times, yet it still influences us, and this influence is the subject discussed in the piece. The performance asks an intriguing question: if Riefenstahl lived today, what powers would she serve and what type of films would she make?


The outcomes of all the Metamorphoses residencies will be presented to the Polish audience at a special showcase held on 13?17 May 2014 at Poznań?s ZAMEK Culture Centre.


choreography: Dominika Knapik

dance: Helena Ganjalyan, Dominika Knapik & Dorota Wacek

dramaturgy: Wojtek Klimczyk

music: David Chazam

lighting: Alice Dussart

video: Valéry Faidherbe


Les Brigittines is a place of research and expression set up for artists who travel through their clearly defined, specific universe combining different forms and elements of performance art: movement, acting, space, sound and image ? even if movement remains the fundamental vector of sense and feelings. The operations of Les Brigittines focus on three main fields: current events of the artistic season, artistic residencies (carried out in direct collaboration with workspacebrussels), and the annual International Festival taking place at the end of summer. The centre?s programme is essentially choreographic, focusing on contemporary renditions of different subjects and new stage pieces. A special place is assigned to choreographers of the French speaking Wallonia, who have a chance to work within a special, international context, where both artists and audiences may experience their mutual differences and interact. The idea underlying  Les Brigittines is the belief that every work, piece or production, even one that is unknown or considered radical, may touch every one of us if it tries to share what?s perceptible and fuses language and structure.


METAMORPHOSES (2012-2014) is a project supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Culture programme. The project is a joint initiative of three institutions: La Briqueterie/CDC du Val de Marne (France), Les Brigittines (Belgium), and the ZAMEK Culture Centre (Poland). It will bring to life international artistic productions (dance performances, video art, urban interventions, debates, workshops) discussing the metamorphosis of spiritual and religious power, labour and political power. 




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