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On Monday, 26 June (8:30 pm) the National Theatre in Belgrade will host the premiere of the diploma piece Hotel Excelsior performed by the first generation of students of the Institute of Contemporary Dance. Choreographed by Maciej Kuźmiński, the piece was inspired by the comedy The Deceased (serb. Pokojnik) by the classic Serbian writer Branislav Nušić. 


The Deceased is a rather cynical look at morality and social transformation caused by the development of uncontrolled capitalism. The main character, Pavle, casts himself to  a 3-year exile after discovering that he has been two-timed by his wife. Upon his unexpected arrival he becomes an unwelcome guest, as his lifetime achievements and possessions have already been divided between his former friends and family. Hotel Excelsior transforms this dynamic conflict into a divorce party. All is possible in the abstract no man’s land of the hotel rooms, even a desperate marriage of Yugoslavian Culture with Mexican Culture ( having broken  up with the Russian  one) called the Yu-Mex – so popular in the 60’s.  

Inspired by Nušić?s trilogy, The Triptych also includes other student pieces and a piece choreographed by Isidora Stanišić.


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Established in 2014, the Institute of Contemporary Dance ( ) was the first dance department founded in the Balkans. With over 40 international students, led by an international team of pedagogues, it is a leading institution of its kind in the region. Maciej Kuźmiński was one of the first pedagogues invited to teach for the Institute as well as co-create it’s programme. Since then, the Institute has invited other Polish artists, among others Tomasz Pomersbach and Natalia Iwaniec.  

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