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DOCK11 in Berlin is pleased to present a double bill featuring guest performances of Kasia Wolińska?s Dance, pilgrim, dance [I see America dancing] and Przemek Kamiński?s Blue (ribbon dance).


Kasia Wolińska: Dance, pilgrim, dance [I see America dancing]


Lenin himself applauded Duncan when she performed in Moscow?s Bolshoi Theatre to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the October Revolution. After she returned to the USA, the Soviets sent her a telegram: ??The Russian government alone can understand you. Come to us; we will make your school.? Isadora Duncan revolutionized the form of dance at the beginning of the 20th century and then went to Moscow to use her dancing body to campaign for the revolutionary ideas. ?The Revolutionary? was a choreography that must have ruined Duncan?s reputation back at home. The piece is a reconstruction and variation on three choreographies created by Isadora ca. 1923 in the USSR, aiming at investigation of the underexplored histories of modern dance and choreography particularly as they relate to reclaiming spectrum of the socialist and communist legacies.


Concept/ choreography: Kasia Wolińska (with part of original Isadora Duncan?s choreography)

Visuals/ video sculpture: Ashiq Khondker

Music: remix by Kasia Wolińska & Ashiq Khondker

Artistic Mentor: Guy Cools

Lights: Lukasz Kedzierski

Production: Art Stations Foundation


The performance was produced by the Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk in the frame of Solo Project Plus 2017.


 Logo Art Stations Foundation (miniaturka)


Przemek Kamiński: Blue (ribbon dance)



Blue (ribbon dance) is a monochromatic choreography. Przemek Kamiński draws from already existing works that reflect upon blue: the 1993 film Blue by Derek Jarman and the 2009 book Bluets by Maggie Nelson. The performance becomes a field of contemplation, a reverie of blue, where the colour turns into a primary quality of experience. It comprises reflections on the history of the colour as well as personal narrative: a meditation on love and grief, an exploration of loss. Blue movement leaks out, when initiated from within the body, to be finally prolonged by a transitional object ? a (blue) ribbon.


choreography and performance: Przemek Kamiński

ribbon dance score: Frederic Gies

sound: Fraencis

voice: Martin Hansen

thanks to: Julia Plawgo, Aleksandr Prowaliński, Mateusz Szymanówka




Booking:, 030-35120312

Tickets: 10 EUR / 8 EUR

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