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We are pleased to inform that Tanztage Festival in Berlin features an evening of SOLO PROJEKT 2012 performances, during which the 3 winners of Art Stations Foundation scholarship will present their solo performances created with their artistic supervisor Ria Higler as part of the programme Old Brewery New Dance.

The performances by Marysia Zimpel, Magdalena Ptasznik and Marzena Krzemińska will be staged on Thursday, 10 January, at 9.00 pm, in the main theatre of the festival Sophiensaele.

Information about the performances:
Marysia Zimpel „What do I really miss?”
Magdalena Ptasznik „surface.territory”
Marzena Krzemińska „5-7-5 HAIKU

It should be said that the dancers are not the only contributors to the performances: there are artists from Poland and Poznań which were engaged in the production, such as Łukasz Czajkowski – the designer of Marzena Krzemińska’s costume, an outstanding improvising quartet Hera who created the music for the performance by Marysia Zimpel or independent musicians Patryk Lichota and Szymon Kaliski who composed the music for Marzena Krzemińska and Magda Ptasznik.

Tanztage Festival has taken place in Berlin since 1996 and is one of the leading contemporary dance reviews. Festival Trailer,

The presentation of Solo Projekt 2012 is an opportunity to promote the thriving Polish contemporary dance abroad. Old Brewery New Dance is the only independent centre in Poland which contributes to development of contemporarily dance and dancers on a regular basis. Various European dance professionals have been engaged in SOLO PROJEKT organized since 2006: lighting designer Bruno Pocheron, choreographers Hooman Sharifi and Peter Pleyer, Luca Giacomo Schulte and Ornella Balestra, as well as Ria Higler, choreographer and teacher from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. The main idea of the programme is to support Polish dance artists who are looking for their own artistic language; that is why European authorities come to supervise the production and creative process.

Since 2006 20 various solo projects by such artists as Janusz Orlik, Aleks Borys or Anita Wach have been created in Stary Browar as part of Solo ProjeKt.

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