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On Thursday, 19 November (8:30 pm), Berlin’s Ausland (Lychener Strasse 60) will host a presentation of Agata Siniarska’s two projects: […], which premiered in June 2015 at Komuna//Warszawa, and Cross Pollination, prepared in collaboration with the female trouble collective. The event is organized as part of the Paradox & Parallels project  ? a performance series looking at methods of working in the fall of 2015 in Ausland Territory for Experimental Music, Performance and Art.



About the performances:


This performance is a struggle over life and death, where the boundary between science fction and social reality is just an optical illusion.


Production: Komuna//Warszawa, June 2015


Some contributory factors:

generation: agata siniarska/ diego agullo/ book/ light/ computer/ sound/ space/ siegmar zacharias/ mateusz szymanowka/ ania nowak/ marta keil/ thomas schaupp/ tbc

operation: agata siniarska/ diego agullo/ audience/ tbc 

transmission: book/ body/ light/ sound/ space/ costume/ tbc


Cross Pollination

Female trouble is a friendship-based collective. Like an individual does, the collective seeks to communicate with others, engage in an exchange, facilitate space and discussion for and with others, be part of a network of learning and questioning, creating and sharing artistic work. Questions about co-authorship, the role of the audience, experiential knowledge production are crucial to collective methodology. They create moments for visibility and establish temporary communities whose rules are negotiated. Cross Pollination is (yet) another occasion for female trouble to practice collective performance. It is a practice of circulating scores which accumulates and reformulates three bodies reading, writing and dancing with one another through mutual affection in real time.


It is about Pleasing pleasure? No-.

It is not about being liked?

It is a proposal.-


Hierarchizing Hierarchyzing./De-HierarchizingHierarchying.

The dDancing is fine.-

What does it mean?


A kind of Machine, we are becoming?

What was the feedback?-

What is the difference

between stage and studio?

(Do) we care about a specific Outcome (?)

Or will it be a pPiece?

Be aA pPiece.

What is this About?

The tTyranny of nNo sStructure.

Blending nNow and bBefore

Projecting the cComing

Determining the future


Discipline of aAttending to oOne aAnother.-



female trouble is a friendship based collective (Roni Katz, Agata Siniarska, Xenia Taniko Dwertmann) working in Berlin since 2013. We share a mutual process of artistic, intellectual, personal and political discourse revolving around identities, bodies, femininities and feminisms. Female Trouble focus on hosting events and practicing collective performances. They have created the public platform VULVA CLUB ? themed screenings and lectures, realized in collaboration with artist-run spaces such as Boys Club, KuLe Theater and Kleiner Salon (in collaboration with Coven Berlin). VULVA CLUB expands the collective’s internal discourse beyond its own borders and works to amplify female/feminist perspectives. They have performed the practice as Let’s do it the other/another way around, at SOMA Gallery (invited by the lLondon-based collective hysteria), Plateau Gallery and Dock 11.



More information:

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