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On Tuesday, July 28, at 6.30 pm Tanzfabrik Berlin and Warsaw’s Centrum w Ruchu will present This is a musical, a work-in-progress by Karol Tymiński, an APAP artist, at Uferstudios 5 (Berlin,  Uferstraße 23). Through the project, Tymiński continues his explorations of corporeality. In his pieces the body becomes both the primary medium and the source of choreographic material, and is subjected to in-depth, almost anatomical inspection. Tymiński presents the truth about the body, puts it in full view, enables us to investigate its construction. In This is a musical the performer tries to discover the mechanisms that govern sound-generating body movements which make up a musical composition. By investigating the potential of the body to make sounds, the artist turns it into an instrument, a tool whose motions depend on the piece’s music structure.


Choreography and performance: Karol Tymiński

Production: Body/Mind Foundation

Supported by: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Centrum w Ruchu


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