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On Friday, 16 June 2017, Polish choreographers and performers will present their pieces at the Sophiensaele (Sophienstraße 18) as part of Performing Arts Festival Berlin. At 6 pm, Ania Nowak will show perform her Don?t Go for Second Best, Baby! Disc 1 and at 8 pm Agata Siniarska and Mădălin Dan will perform their Mothers of Steel. Both pieces were produced by the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań. The first version of Ania Nowak?s Don?t Go for Second Best, Baby! Disc 1 was created as part of the ?Solo Projekt Plus 2016? residency programme run by the Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk.


Between 13-18 June 2017, Performing Arts Festival Berlin will present a range of pieces by independent artists working in the fields of theatre, dance, performance, music and puppet theatre.


Don?t Go for Second Best, Baby! Disc 1

Don?t Go for Second Best, Baby! Disc 1 is a choreography of support and disclosure. Backup dancing is about the bodies exercising their relation to the centre, to one another and to choreography understood as a shared, spontaneous plan. This dance is made collectively out of many intersecting monologues. The backup dancers generate movement of support in solitude, facing the lack of a clear-cut centre which they could accompany. How do we practice companionship through dance, or take care of another person?s dance?



Mothers of Steel

This project is an investigation into the phenomenology of tears that touches upon many themes ? memory, history, death, happiness, fragility, innocence, strength, futuristic ontologies, etc. It puts into questions the social and cultural mechanisms related to public and private display of emotions. Contrasting personal statements with iconic scenes of crying in Eastern European context, it examines how emotions are manifested in different situations, and why we (or we do not) express them publicly.



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