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Tanztage Berlin 2016 is presenting Karol Tymiński’s This is a musical on 15 and 16 January 2016 (8:30 pm) at the Sophiensaele, Berlin (Sophienstraße 18). In the solo, the production of a visceral discordant and deeply queer electronic fantasy is built with a labouring body. Tyminski’s body is the instrument for the sample, the electronic music he wields comes into being through a brutal choreography, the musical is a layered archive of the bodies desire, a composition of spliced time where a history of actions that unfold in space continue to sing with deep resonance moving towards further hypnosis. The performer oscillates between tenderness and brutalism creating a beatscape that evolves towards a massive trance-like possibility space of madness and pleasure. This borderline body on stage is in rapture, he is the keeper of a threshold, he is methodically edging the audience in the direction of the ecstatic.


choreography and performance: Karol Tymiński

music: Gradual

lighting: Jan Cybis

video: Michal Andrysiak

video performance: Jeremy Wade

voice: Malgorzata Neumann

coproduction: Open Latitudes, Instytut Sztuk Performatywnych and apap ? Performing Europe 2011-16, both supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union. With the friendly support of Tanzfabrik Berlin and Centrum w Ruchu

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